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NAPN Member Nancy Valko given prestigious  award for her outstanding Pro-Life Work

Check out this Review of the ANA Code of Ethics Director, Marianne Linane, RN, who​has a master's degree in bioethics from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois. This article was originally published by Heartbeat International in Medical Matters, Volume 4, Issue 6. Reprinted with permission

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Response of the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses to the recent Proposed Position Statement by the American Nurses Association on:  
"The Nurse's Role When a Patient Requests Aid in Dying"

NAPN response to the ANA proposal

ANA proposal



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National Association of Pro Life Nurses

NAPN is a not-for-profit organization uniting nurses who seek excellence in nurturing for all, including the unborn, newborn, disabled, mentally and or/physically ill, the aged and the dying. Beginning in 1973, when abortion was accepted as a legal alternative to pregnancy, healthcare professionals have been confronted by an ever-increasing number of morally challenging life issues. The list of ethical dilemmas continues to grow: in vitro fertilization, cloning, fetal experimentation, organ donation and transplantation, nutrition and hydration, patient rights, certain sterilization practices, looming rationing of medical resources, assisted suicide and euthanasia, and stem cell research with its promise of advances in the treatment of disease. No one is more affected by these morally challenging issues than the nurse and the pressure to utilize unethical techniques and practices in the care of patients is increasing. Through a united,educational, professional organization such as NAPN, nurses can, in good conscience, deliver the best possible patient care while preserving, protecting and defending respect for human life.

NAPN statement of support for the proposed HHS 1557 Rule

The National Association of Pro-life Nurses supports the Department of Health And Human Services in their proposed rule in section 1557 to eliminate “termination of pregnancy” from the category of “discrimination on the basis of sex”. This affects nurses as well as doctors. 

As ethical nurses, we refuse to discriminate against any patient as well as refusing to participate in abortion which is a life-destroying procedure for one of the two patients we care for-the mother and the unborn child. We want to help them both. Our refusal to participate in abortion must not become a charge of sex discrimination.


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NAPN's statement regarding the most recent position statement from the American Medical Society related to Physician Assisted Suicide

NAPN's Statement

AMA's position statement