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For those of us who are motivated by a respect for life as created in the image and Likeness of God our Creator, we offer this reflection:

Creator God, whose crowning glory is the creation of man in your image and likeness, we ask that you bless our efforts to foster a respect for that life from creation until natural death in our profession of caring.  Grant that we may be successful in protecting that life and in our goal to create a Culture of Life in all. -Submitted by Marianne Linane, RN, MS, MA

​Recognizes the value of and supports research beneficial to humanity when it is done with consideration for the dignity of the person involved and with their full and informed consent.

Rejects research involving people unable or unwilling to give their full, informed consent; and research which involves experimentation with dangerous procedures or drugs which impair or endanger the health and well-being of the person or their offspring.

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About NAPN

As a Professional Organization, NAPN... Seeks to establish and protect ethical values of the nursing profession.

Defends nursing and para-medical personnel from discrimination and/or job loss for refusal to participate in practices which violate these values.

Demonstrates concern for those facing difficult choices involving life-taking decisions by education and promotion of positive alternative choices.

Seeks to develop life-affirming attitudes in the nursing profession by promotion of these ethical values to those we interact with in the workplace.

Involves the organization's members in the legislative process to promote life-affirming legislation.